A visionary experience through the realms of the medicinal plants, led by indigenous Shipibo traditional healer in the amazon rainforest.

In Ayahuasca – Kosmik Journey, acclaimed film director Jan Kounen explores the potential of using Virtual Reality to represent the psychedelic experience of Ayahuasca, a brew used in rituals by the Shipibo tribe of the Amazon.


20 minutes - France - Luxembourg,2019

Created by Jan Kounen - Produced by Atlas V, A_bahn, Small

With the support of Film Fund Luxembourg, CNC, Pictanovo, Paris

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual Reality is a technology. Thanks to a VR headset, you can be immersed in a computer-generated world and interact with elements. The Virtual Reality headset used can be linked to a computer or not, depending of the Head-mounted-display (HMD) used.

What is Ayahuasca - Kosmik Journey?


Created by Jan Kounen, Ayahuasca - Kosmik Journey is a 20-minute VR experience depicting an ayahuasca ritual and its inner journey. It runs on a HTC Vive or HTC Vive pro VR headset.
It has been produced in 2019 by Atlas V, A_bahn, Small.

Where can I experience it?

This VR piece can be  experienced in Ayahuasca - The Shamanic Exhibition, where you can discover more about the ayahuasca ritual, Shamanism, and the Shipibo-Konibos culture. Subscribe to the newsletter to be updated on when the exhibition is coming to your city.


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Ayahuasca is a strong psychoactive substance, forbidden by law in certain countries. Producer of the exhibition warns spectators that Ayahuasca practice implies risks and does not encourage any spectator to experience it.